Manifesting as an ongoing publication, Phantoms of Form takes as it's centre point the idea of the fictional “other” woman. The protagonist is enmeshed in the concepts of modernism, a woman whose primary focus is materiality, in relation to objects and their functional presence. This female figure is to be seen as a device or tool which enables the artist to gain a distance and take a second glance at her practice, in order to observe her work from a less insular position. She is a ghost, a shadow, she is there but not present. The work exists in a series of chapters, currently I-IV, the iteration for the exhibition "Duality of Form" at Solstice Art Centre, 2016 was titled Chapter V. Chapter I questions the subjective potential of the Parallel, it looks for a typography or shared language between two subjects and tries to seek out the possibility of crossing points and moments of coincidence. Chapter II seeks to move closer to an understanding of mimicry, mirroring, replication, doubling and repetition as actions for self awareness and gaining autonomy. Chapter III observes an act of frustration, where the artist projects herself on the “other” woman, in a moment when both women loose an understanding of their work and where both look for an opening to escape. Chapter IV is the suggestion of a series of sculptures, which may never be realised, coming from a collaboration by both women. Chapter V is an exercise to attempt to make physical the text, as a reprise.


Installation shots: Chapter 5 (steel, paper, basalt, textile), Duality of Form, curated by Mary Cremin, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Ireland 2016

Image credit: David Upton