This piece was a collaborative work with Dublin based artist Lynda Devenney for “Transference”, an exhibition held at Broadstone Gallery Dublin, Dublin 2011. It is an exploration of modern architecture and questions its current context during a time of social flux. The work responds to the materiality and structure of space, deconstructing and abstracting form in order to highlight the simplicity of shape and reference fundamental structure. We impose colour and narrative to highlight the characteristics of site and act as an interference with its narrative. We have worked generatively with a set of modular forms, which encompass both video and sculptural elements.

"...familiar modernist architecture of University College Dublin’s (UCD) Belfield campus are presented to us on CCTV monitors, accompanied by an interspersed voiceover which offers a texture of human habitation to the empty scenes of the water tower, the library, the admissions block. The shots of these buildings emphasise the structures as dense and heavy. Colour blocks are introduced to trace the role of symmetry and the uncompromising resonance of the lines and geometry of these buildings. The sculptural elements of the installation mimic the architecture of the campus and the monitors nestle amongst the arches of these structures. The CCTV monitors carry overtones of surveillance spy culture. Andrezj Wejchert’s winning design for the Arts Bloc was chosen in 1964 and building work continued through the late 1960s and early 70s. With minimal central gathering points for students, and escape tunnels for lecturers the campus design has been interpreted as specifically aiming to curtail riots and protest by student groups following the events of May 1968 student riots in Paris."
- Kitty Rogers, Paper Visual Art Journal, 30.10.2011