Eleanor Duffin is a practising visual artist, born in Ireland and currently based in Dublin. Duffin received a Bachelor's of Arts, in Sculpture and Combined Media, from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2003. She went on to achieve a Master of Arts from the National College of Art and Design, Ireland in 2005. Her work has been included most recently in Cabin Fever, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago (2010), Grey_Matter, London, (2010), Projector, FOUR (2009), Bouvard et P├ęcuchet, The Lighthouse, Dublin (2009), Open Studio, SIM, Reykavick (2009), Manystuff, Qompendium, Berlin, (2008).
She has also participated on numerous European art residencies most notably a Young Artists program at CERN Physics Research Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Duffin will begin a residency at the Firestation Artists Studio, Dublin in August 2010

Eleanor Duffin's current research is an empirical inquisition, which observes practice and process within contemporary art making. Working with a abductive reasoning, this research focuses on the way in which ideas are conceived and developed to visually produce a hypothesis. It is both her subject matter and a working methodology.

Recurrent themes within her work are the observation of society in relation to the affect of modernism and the constant questioning of contemporary art and its development. Her practice is driven by an epistemological conceptualism and the experience of knowledge production rather than an emphasis on an ontological questioning.